{ Weobley }

Founded in the sixth century, Weobley is one of best preserved Tudor villages in England with a wealth of historic timber framed buildings to look at. Three years ago it was listed in the Times newspaper in the top fifty best places to live in England and in 2008 it was voted one of the top ten villages by the Lady magazine! This is not difficult to believe if you are fortunate enough to live here as Weobley is not only a delightful and tranquil place -there is very little traffic but also a thriving, working village with excellent local shops, businesses three pubs to choose from and several lovely places to stay. The surrounding countryside is threaded with a network of well- maintained footpaths and bridleways for the walker and quiet lanes for the cyclist. So, a perfect place to live and work, an ideal centre for a holiday or short break with excellent amenities .Do come and see us, we look forward to meeting you!